Not Ability, but Responsibility.
TMPOS Provides Responsible Service for Your Business.

Products and Services

“Specialized Cloud Program for Customer’s Needs”

Customer Relation Management (“CRM”) Record relationship information such as contact information, sales history, etc.
POINT OF SALE (“POS”) Cash register for walk-in customer
Account Information System (“AIS”) Track income and expenses, create and manage estimates, manage and pay bills, etc.
Workgroup Management ("WM") Allows users to monitor and follow up each project and tasks so that the project workflow goes smoothly

“Specialized Hardware with Software Optimization”

PAYMENT Merchant Service Processing Device Total card processing device (“EMV”) & Cryptocurrency Processing
SUPPORT Technical Support Service / Credit Card Processing Service On-site support and remote support for hardware and software Credit card processing service and related tech support

“Turnkey Base Business Marketing Package”

MEDIA PRINT / VIDEO / WEBSITE Total Media Publishing Service for Marketing
CONSULTING BUSINESS SETUP CONSULTING Local Business Registration and Setup Support with Legal or Financial Associates

“Management with Cloud - Operationg / Maintenance Flow”

TMPOS supports the Corporation with internal & outsource crew.
TMPOS is ready to operate Programmers for feature development and support.

Store Station: Individually Storing Data and Sync to Server Almost in Real-time
Corporate Office: ERP / WEB Server (Promotion + Ecommerce)
Customer: Reward point access (Web or APP) / Notification with SMS
The perfect provider for multi-location management solutions – TMPOS